Monday, December 5, 2011

Zoo lights!

A bunch of us went to the Zoo lights at the Oregon Zoo this weekend, and had so much fun! It was buy one ticket, get one free and it was PACKED!! We had to park away from the zoo and take the school bus to get there.

Livvy didn't mind the wait at first, and was loving all the attention she was getting, but after standing in the same spot for a half hour she started to get bored and fussy.

Her hat was so funny! Since she was sitting back against the seat, whenever she would move her head, the hat would stay in place. So when she moved her head forward again, the flap would end up covering her entire face! And the funniest thing was that she would just sit there covered until one of us noticed.

We FINALLY got to the Zoo an hour and a half later!

Auntie Shaylee, Me, Chelsea, and Auntie Brittanee

The lights were SO pretty! I was impressed with how much they put into it and how many decorations there were. They had so many lights! And the way they lit up, it was like the animals were moving around and playing... more action than the actual zoo :)

They had costume animals all over the Zoo too! Olivia didn't really care about this cow when we were talking to it, but then while we were taking pictures she happened to notice that he was standing next to us, and then she cared.

It was a lot of fun, but I still think Livvy was too young, and it was COLD!!!! I really enjoyed time with my family and friends though, and I can't wait to see what they do to top it off next year!

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