Monday, November 28, 2011

Happy Birthday Graciee!

Yesterday, we celebrated Graciee May's FIRST Birthday!! It really seems like yesterday we were sitting in the living room on Thankgiving counting Britt's contractions. Time flies SO fast!

Brittanee held it at the NW Kids Club and Gracie was SO excited! She was running around with a HUGE smile on her face for about the first half hour she was there. There was SO much to do!

After the little ones played for a while, we decided to let them try out the bouncy house. Olivia was nervous at first, but once I climbed in there and she saw her older cousin having fun, she decided it was okay.

And then there was cake!

And presents....

Graciee was so funny! She kept running over to Olivia in the middle of opening presents to kiss her and play.

And then Olivia thought she should help too.

I'm SO proud of Britt! I knew she was going to be a great Mother, but still, she never fails to surprise me at how amazing she is!

Good job Sis, you made it through the first year!!!

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