Thursday, December 29, 2011

Livvy's first Christmas!

Christmas was SO much better than anything I could have imagined! It's true when  people say that once you have kids, Christmas gets exciting again. We had a Christmas Eve dinner at my parents house and then went back home to open our Christmas jammies. Livvy was more interested in the tag than anything.

How could Santa not love her?

Then on Christmas morning, we went back to my Dad's house to open presents with the whole family before Graciee had to go to her Dad's house. Olivia was so interested in everyone else and all of the excitement going on that she didn't really care about anything related to her. She just loved watching it all!

Once we got back home though, and there wasn't so much going on, she was really excited to unwrap all of her presents and play with the ribbon and paper. I have no idea what she was thinking in these pictures, but I think her faces are HILARIOUS!

I tried buying toys that she could play with on her own, but she still only wants to play with them if Mommy plays too. She looooooves Mommy time!

It was over way too fast, but we loved every minute of it! I hope everyone else had a GREAT Christmas!

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