Monday, March 19, 2012

10 Months!

10 months... I can't believe it! If I could just freeze time here, I would. You are SO much fun and show so much emotion! You also started throwing tantrums, and you copy EVERYONE!!

You love giving kisses! Just this morning you would look out the window, then turn an kiss me, and then look out the window and repeat. I love it!! Even though they're a little (okay a lot) slobbery.

Your favorite toy these days is the basketball hoop I bought you. You just figured out how it works, and you love how it cheers every time you slam dunk.

This month you started clapping, kissing, shaking your head no, walking with your walker, throwing your head back when you laugh, and eating on your own. And the socks! Every time you get in your carseat you have to take of your socks. My back seat must have at least 20 of them scattered all over the place!

This month the doctor told me to start giving you a spoon when you eat. Wow, I now have to undress you every time we eat dinner. You love the independence though, and love eating with the family!

There are SO many other things you learned this month... The days are becoming a blur. I'm so proud of you every day, and love you more and more.

Love, Mom

Friday, January 13, 2012

9 Months!

You're 9 months! Everyone who sees you says that you've lost all of your newborn look, and now you're a Baby. I still get compliments EVERYWHERE I go and get stopped at least 5 times at every store by women who say 'Look at how beautiful those eyes are.' You've lost a lot of your stranger anxiety, which has been nice, and you'll smile and talk again to strangers.

Your favorite toy right now, is the spoon that came with the Doll that Grandma and Grandpa Kehoe gave you for Christmas. Everytime I look at you, you have that spoon in your mouth.

You get teased A LOT! I guess that's what you get for living with your uncle, but I have to admit that Mama does it too. You're just so fun; and you have such a cool, calm personality, and show so much emotion that I can't help but play around with it sometimes. We try hiding things from you, but you always find them, and we like to play tag too! You also started playing the other side of peek-a-boo. When I was riding in the back seat of the car with you and your car seat cover was up, you thought it was so funny to hide and then peek out at me. Here is a pic of uncle teasing you when you were wearing your bunny robe. He kept putting the hood over your face, and you would have to lift it up to see...  you thought it was hilarious.

Now that you're more mobile, you also get stuck in the most awkward positions! You cry too and get frustrated, but because you can handle it, I make you wait while I grab my camera and as soon as I pull it out, you stop fussing and smile.

You're getting to be such a big girl! You are now standing up by only holding on to something with one hand, you sleep through the night, and fall asleep unswaddled, you're eating a lot more grown-up food and LOVE it! You actually throw a fit when dinner is finished. You've stayed overnight at Grandma and Grandpa's and Auntie Shaylee's and both of them couldn't believe how good you were, and how easy you fell asleep. I'm so proud of you everyday and I love you more than anything in the world!

Love, Mama

Oh my gosh! I almost forgot the most exciting thing you did this month! You said MAMA!! And I know you meant it because I was getting ready for work and not paying attention to you, and you finally got frustrated enough that you climbed up my legs and said 'Mama, mama'. I froze, picked you up, and tried to get you to say it again, but you wouldn't. Then a couple days later, that's all you would say. I LOVE it!