Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Our first visit to Utah!

Olivia and I just got home from visiting family and friends in Utah and it was SO MUCH FUN!!!

I had been worried about the flight ever since I bought my ticket back in February. I've never really been annoyed with babies on airplanes, but it's a totally different story when you're a Mom. You're so worried about all the haters. While we were waiting for our flight there was a girl sitting behind us on the phone complaining of a headache from being surrounded by babies on her previous flight. Way to calm a Mommy down. Haha. But she was AMAZING!! I bounced her to sleep right before they started boarding and she stayed that way until we reached Utah. As we exited the airplane, all the flight attendants kept saying 'She's such a good baby!' Insert sigh of relief.

Uncle Marc was at the airport when we landed ready to great us. From there, we headed straight for St. George. I can't believe I was more worried about the airplane than the car... she HATED the drive! HATED!!!!!!!!! (Can't stress that enough) She pretty much fussed and cried the entire 5 hours. SO crazy because a week ago, she loved the car... crazy babies. Still, it was SO nice to catch up with Marc and it ended up being a nice drive anyway. Once we hit Cedar, we put in a Primary CD and she finally fell asleep. We stayed with my Uncle Bruce and Aunt Shirley. When I woke up in the morning and was feeding Olivia, I looked out the kitchen window to find this amazing view! They also cooked us a really yummy Denny grand slam style breakfast, that I was actually able to enjoy because Olivia was sleeping and still exhausted from the day before. It was so fun to be able to visit with Bruce and Shirley, I LOVE that he has Grandpa's sense of humor. He was so funny to talk to! 

 After Breakfast we headed over to Grandpa's to meet up with Charlotte and Paul. When they walked in, Olivia had woken up and was not happy. I don't think she was a fan of the heat. Grandpa didn't mind though, and still kept smiling at her and saying how cute she was. Lol. He loves babies, and we love him! So Charlotte tried to calm her down but she wasn't having it. Finally, I was like 'Is there a bouncy ball in this place?!?' As soon as Charlotte walked in with one and I started bouncing Olivia, she was out cold.

I LOVE my family! I don't get to see them enough, and the time I do get with them is never enough. I miss them so much! It was nice to just sit back and visit. Grandpa's hearing is getting worse and worse, but what I've always loved about family gatherings is that although Grandpa can't hear and usually has no idea what is going on or what anyone is saying, he always has this big smile on his face, and I can see how much he just enjoys sitting there watching his family interact... it's enough for him.

On the way home, Olivia started out really good. We went to Arctic Circle for lunch before we had to head out and Olivia just sat there in her car seat and people watched, but as soon as we got in the car her crying started back up. It wasn't as bad as the drive down though, and she went to sleep pretty quickly. Once we hit Nephi though she was getting really hungry and hot so I stripped her down to her diaper and headband and she was happy. I love this pic of her! I was sitting in the backseat to keep her entertained and she realized she has feet! So cute! She looked at them, and then she would put her foot up, then down, then up, then down. 

 We were SOOO ready to relax when we got home. We watched Marley and Me and let Olivia sleep and play. Marc has a big green bean bag, that Olivia LOVED. I would set her down and she would stay entertained for quite a while... she slept in it a little bit too.

Sunday morning we woke up and went straight to the pool. Olivia did MUCH better this time! It was really hot though, so I'm sure she was more than happy to jump in. There was a puppy that kept coming to the fence to play fetch. We wouldn't play, but Olivia was entertained watching him try, and I think she just really enjoyed being outside. The pic on the right is her laying out by Mommy. It was so fun! And I FINALLY got my starter tan. I LOVE Utah sun!!!!!!!

After the pool, we went to Nana and Grandpa Craigs house (Christee's parents) to visit. She LOVED Nana and Nana loved her. She spent the entire hour or so talking and smiling.

Then we had dinner at The Old Spaghetti Factory with my friend Jen and her baby Mason, and our friend David. Mason was SO cute and happy, and he has the longest hair!! The food was YUMMY! I miss it!

 After dinner, we went to my parents house for fireworks. The kids were so excited to see Olivia and my Mom loved her! She couldn't wait for me to hand her over. It was sad though; since Olivia hadn't slept all day she was exhausted, and because there was so much going on she didn't want to sleep. And any time that happens she becomes a HUGE Mama's girl. So my family didn't really get to play with her and see her fun side. Still, they loved her and it was SO good to see them! My phone died so I don't have any pics, but as soon as they email them to me, I'll post them :)

We ended the night at back at Marc's house where Chelsey followed us. I missed her so much!! Marc, Brian, Chelsey, and I made chocolate brownie shakes and played with Olivia. It was really fun and I had the best time!! This was so much better than our latest visits because we actually had time to relax and enjoy. It was also nice having Marc there to help. I got a glimpse of married life with a baby and it's NICE!! The help was much appreciated and even with Baby, I still felt like I was on vacation. I LOVED IT!

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