Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Olivia's first day at the Lake!

Ever since my Dad bought his boat in DECEMBER, he hasn't been able to stop planning our first family boating trip! My Dad, Christee, and Grandma & Grandpa went up Friday. Then Shaylee, Marissa (our 4 year old family friend), Brittanee, and Graciee May came over for Breakfast Saturday morning and we all headed out to the Lake together. Later, Kayla and her sister Ashley joined us.

Christee was SO excited to have her two little girls there! Olivia wasn't too impressed with the group hug... she just kept licking Graciee's arm, while Graciee was trying to kiss her head.

When we were ready to go down to the swimming hole, my hands were full, so I asked my Dad if he could carry Olivia's floatie. Instead he thought Brittanee should carry it down.... on her head! Lol.

Graciee LOVED the water! She was a little weary at first because it was really cold, but then she was going crazy playing in it. Olivia didn't mind touching it with her feet but as soon as I put her in her floatie she freaked out! Bad idea!!

So instead, I just held her while I walked around in the water. The Lake was NICE!! It was so sunny out, and the swimming hole is a lot of fun! It's paved, so your not worried about what you're stepping on, or if anything weird is swimming underneath. Great for Babies!

I could tell Olivia was getting sleepy, and my Dad wanted me to go out on the boat, so I left Olivia with Grandma and Brittanee and they were able to get her to go to sleep. Isn't she the cutest?! This picture just makes me want to squeeze her and never let go.

I was SO nervous about my Dad driving, BTW, isn't my Daddy handsome? :) I was scared that he would go all crazy and knock us off the tubes.

Shaylee went first, I didn't know that it was her first time... she did good!

Then it was my turn! I was having so much fun, until my I hit a big wave that knocked my on my tummy. I was still holding on, and wanted to keep going, but then my bikini bottoms started pulling away!! Haha. I had to make my Dad stop before I lost them :)

Then Kayla went. She's afraid of the water, so it was really cool that she tried it out. After she was finished though, she said 'I'm never doing that again!'

Then it was time for Shaylee to drive! Her and my Dad got their boating licenses together so she could drive him around. She was really nervous at first, but she did SO GOOD!!

My Dad was the last to go, and he wanted to use the knee board, it was fun watching him have so much fun. The day trip was the best, and I'm so excited to go up again this weekend!!

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