Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Olivia's first Halloween!

I remember Trick or Treating with Brittanee last year, both of us pregnant, and thinking about how weird it was going to be having babies to take around. It was SO much better than anything I imagined!

Sunday night I made potato soup and rolls for dinner and then we carved pumpkins while watching 'The Nightmare before Christmas'. Then we had apples, ice cream, and caramel for dessert.

This is Livvy's first pumpkin. We traced her hand and then carved it out. I tried to do both hands, but that was pushing it! I'm glad we at least got one :)

Monday (Halloween), I got home from work and put Olivia in her costume. I was SO surprised at how much she didn't care that it was impossible to move around in. She didn't love the hood at first, but got over it pretty quickly.

Everyone met at Grandpa's house... Skyler, Shaylee, Kayla, Ashley, Brittanee, Graciee, Dad, Pat, Cinnamon, Gabby, and Kyle. It made it so much more fun to have a big group!

Olivia wanted to hold her bucket, which worked well for a few houses, and then she just wanted to throw it. I LOVE this pic! By the time we got home, her ribbon was SOAKED from her chewing on it.

The other great thing about a big group? Taking turns! I only had to carry Olivia to a few houses and then everyone else wanted a turn. Here's Livvy and Grandpa :)

The girls were troopers! I was suprised at how content Olivia was going around to all of the houses. Once we were finished Trick or Treating, we headed back to Grandpa's for hot cocoa. It was the best Halloween yet!

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