Monday, October 17, 2011

6 months!

My sweet 6 month old... how time flies. You have definitely grown more this month than any other, and you've developed a fun (and sometimes trying) little personality.

You still LOVE to stand and you're able to balance holding onto something for short periods of time.

You're liking tummy time a little more and can pull yourself across the room.

You want absolutely nothing to do with your toys and would prefer everything that anyone else has... sunglasses, cell phones, debit cards; You also understand that you eat something similar to the food that adults eat, and every time we have food around you, you get this look in your eyes like 'Don't I get some of that?' It's the worst! And the one night I felt bad and (Auntie Shaylee's Bday party) let everyone give you a taste of ice cream, you were on a fun sugar high that led to no sleep for Mommy.

Uncle Skyler moved in with us to be your Nanny; you adore him almost as much as he adores you, and he's been amazing! He's got you making more noise, moving around more, and you've really just been an all together happier baby since he's been here.

You also adore your older cousin. As soon as you see her, you reach your arms out to give her a hug. She loves cudding with you as well, and is ALWAYS giving you kisses!

I love that I can read you now. I know when you're mad, sad, happy, hungry. You are excited to see me when I come home, or get you out of the crib in the morning, and you love to cuddle and give me slobbery kisses. You make my life amazing and I love you.

Love, Mom

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