Monday, November 28, 2011

Olivia's first Thanksgiving!

This was definitely the BEST Thanksgiving ever! (Olivia would say the same, if she could talk)

I wanted Livvy to be able to enjoy a good Thanksgiving dinner like the rest of us, but didn't want too big of a mess, so we stripped her down, and put her in her easy to clean travel bed.

At first, she was a little confused, and I think she was scared to eat her food because she tries to eat off our plates all the time and we are constantly telling her no.

But then she dove in. I'm still not really sure how much of it ended up in her mouth, and how much of it ended up on her body and the travel bed, but she had A LOT of fun playing with it!

Once I realized that she was making a huge mess, I picked her up to wash her off and she saw an opportunity to eat Mama's food too. She grabbed it and plunged it into her mouth as fast as she could! Oh well, it's Thanksgiving.

At least she wiped her hands off after :)

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