Monday, June 27, 2011


Because I don't think sometimes, and really wanted just one day in the sun, I decided to take Olivia swimming at Auntie Shaylee and Kayla's house after we were finished with our errands Saturday. Olivia was already over the day since she had her shots and we were getting things ready for Utah, so I really should have just taken her home, but I REALLY wanted to try! She wasn't a very big fan of her oversized hat and sunglasses, and she had no problem letting me know!

We tried putting her in the water and she SCREAMED as soon as her little toes touched the cold water, so Auntie got out and held her in the shade where she was perfectly content and told Auntie all about her terrible day.

I tried to give it another go in the sun and she was happy for about 15 minutes....

And then it all came tumbling down and I knew we had to go home.

Nice try, Mama :) We'll have to try it again when she hasn't had her shots, and I haven't made her run around all day. Again, sometimes I don't think :)

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