Friday, June 10, 2011

2 Months

People warned me that you would grow fast, but I really wasn't expecting you to grow THIS fast! It seems like every day when I pick you up from Auntie Shaylee's you've grown another inch. I love it though! You're starting to seem more like a baby than a newborn and you have the best baby personality.
This started out as a rough month. I swear you changed your mind about everything you like overnight and Mama struggled with trying to figure out what all your new different cries meant until one night, at Grandma and Grandpa's auntie Brittanee decided to try giving you one of Graciee's binkies and life has been amazing since! Who would have thought... a binky!

And you smile!! REAL smiles, not gas smiles. You are such a happy baby and you love to talk, just like your Mama. And you totally get into it too... making facial expressions and acting really serious-like.

You learned to stand a lot better this month too! I can almost hold you by your hands and you'll hold yourself up just fine. You can balance your head really well too, but that's no surprise... you were doing that the minute you came out :) 

Another exciting milestone was your sun exposure. I remember when I first took you out in the sun and you had a fit! And every time after that. But last week, we went to the river front to walk and lay out and you loved every second of it. There was so much going on and you were so curious, then you fell asleep and stayed that way for hours.

Bath time became easier this month too! You LOVE baths. You're not splashing or playing yet, but you love the warm water and I'm pretty sure if I didn't make you get out, you would stay forever. In fact, I always know you're going to cry when I get ready to take you out.

In just a month you've become this little person, and as much as I wanted you to stay a newborn, I'm loving this new, playful side of you. I love you a little more every day... soon, my heart might explode. Being your Mom is the most amazing thing in the world.

I love you so much! - Mommy


  1. Zoe has that outfit Olivia is wearing in the first picture. This is such a cute post. I can't believe how much she has grown already! I hope I get to meet her and see you when you come to Utah. Love you!

  2. ashley!!!! i love this! you are an awesome writer and an even better mother:) this is such a special time between you two, and i LOVE that i get to hear about how it's going! please keep writing these little blogs, i love reading them, and i'm sure olivia will absolutely love them when she is old enough to read them herself! keep em comin pretty lady!