Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Britney concert!

AJ bought Brit and I tickets to Britney Spears for Mothers Day, and I've been so busy with the Utah trip and work that I didn't really let myself get too excited for it until yesterday. And even then, it was hard because I almost thought I was going to have to stay home with a sick Baby. But Marilyn promised me that she could take care of her, and I'm SO glad, because it was SO MUCH FUN!!!

On our way to the Rose Garden Arena we were stuck in traffic and I couldn't believe how beautiful Portland is... it still blows me away. I mean, would you ever see THIS on the side of a Utah freeway? It's EVERYWHERE in Portland!

We were going to find me a boyfriend in the traffic but then we got too into ourselves and forgot....

This is another view, but the picture doesn't do it justice. This is part of the Portland skyline, it's SO beautiful!

As soon as we got inside the Arena, Britt needed to find a bathroom so she could touch up her make-up. Such a girly girl :)

Our seats were awesome! AJ did good :) It was fun just hanging out with Brittanee and talking before the concert started. I've missed spending time with her so much and as much as I swear I haven't turned into one of those crazy Mom's who can't stop thinking about her kids, I totally have. I want girls nights, but I feel bad leaving her since I feel like I already neglect her so much during the week while I work, but last night it was just Britt and I, like old times and I LOVED every second of it!

The first performer was Nervo and they were SO fun! I want to buy their CD. They're these two sisters from Australia who DJ and sing a little. It's definitely more dance music than sing-a-long music, but it would be a fun CD to put you in a good mood. After that Jessie and the Toy Boys performed. They were fun to dance to as well, but you can sing to their music too. Jessie was a GREAT performer! Then it was time for Nicki Minaj!!! When I found out she was touring with Britney, I wasn't all that excited, but I ended up really liking her. I also didn't realize how long she's been around and how many songs she's in. Tons!!

Then it was time for BRITNEY!!!

It was SO MUCH BETTER than I imagined it would be! I was a little worried that she would be lazy and old, but she wasn't at all! I'm SO proud of her!! It wasn't as risque as I imagined it would be either. It was so fun dancing to all of her music and she had the best props and is still an amazing dancer. Ah, I love her.

I had the BEST time ever! And I love Britt for taking me. BEST. SISTER. EVER! (Well, one of them :))

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