Monday, April 25, 2011

Happy Easter!

Olivia's first Easter!!

We started our Easter by going to church. Olivia's first Sunday! She looked ADORABLE in her new Easter dress and everyone just swooned over her. She was so good and slept through all 3 hours!

After church, we all went to Dan and Marilyn's for Easter dinner. The food was soooo yummy and it was really fun to have all of our family there to visit and enjoy. Dan and Marilyn bought the girls their first little Easter gifts too!

It's so fun having little ones to celebrate the Holiday's with, even if they're still a little to small to understand or appreciate it. I want to say that I can't wait until next year when they can go on an Easter egg hunt, because I kind of can't, but Olivia has already grown up SO fast over her first week that I really want her to slow down!

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