Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Help end SIDS!

When my daughter passed away of SIDS in March of 2012 I was shocked to see how little research had been done to find out the causes and what we can do to prevent sudden infant death syndrome. The most horrifying and confusing words I have ever heard in my life came from the doctor at Kaiser that day when I asked how something like this could have happened to a perfectly healthy 11 month old baby. All he could tell me was that 'Sometimes this happens, even to healthy babies.' That's it, that's all I got. I hoped that by searching online I would find more answers, there were none. It turns out that my baby WAS placed in a playpen with pillows and blankets which may explain the reason her life was cut short, but what about the 6 month rule? Shouldn't she have been safe? Throughout my research I found that SIDS can take the life of children up to 2 years of age, some even older. It can also happen to children who are sleeping on their backs with no pillows or blankets in sight. How does this happen? And why isn't there more research being done to find answers? Please see the message below from Mark Peterzell, the SIDS institute chairman.

Because of efforts by the Institute and other organizations, the sudden infant death rate is at an all time low. Since 1983, the rate of SIDS has fallen by over 50 percent. Sadly, there are still about 2,500 deaths per year in the United States, and thousands more throughout the world.
We believe that within our lifetime, we can eliminate SIDS as a cause of infant death, but only with the financial and personal support of corporations, foundations and concerned individuals. There are many ways institutions and individuals can contribute to this effort which are available through the Institute's website or through its office. Please join us in this fight. The death of even one more infant is intolerable! Together we can end the tragedy of SIDS.

- Mark Peterzell, SIDS institute chairman

There are so many parents who are unaware of SIDS and how to prevent it, including the people who were watching my daughter that day. There is absolutely no reason that children should lose their lives because of something that may be so easy to prevent, if only the word could more easily be spread. It is my goal for 2013 to spread the word about Sudden Infant Death Syndrome and to raise the funds needed to end this tragedy. 

Please help by sharing this with your friends and family, and if you can, you can donate to SIDS research by clicking on the following links:

Make a donation or Shop to fight SIDS

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