Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Olivia goes to the Zoo!

I've been wanting to go to the Oregon Zoo ALL Summer, but we just haven't had a chance. Since it was a Holiday weekend and we had an extra day, I decided we HAD to go before it gets cold. The Oregon Zoo is SO much nicer than the Utah Zoo. I felt like I was in Disneyland. The landscaping is awesome! In the Africa section, you really feel like you're in Africa; I loved it!

The first couple animals we saw were either sleeping or hiding. I know that it's nice for the animals to have a lot of living space, but they had too much! There were way too many places for them to hide and I wished we were in Utah where they're pretty much in little cages and they have no choice but to let you watch them :)

The first animals we saw that were actually doing something were the Bats and Olivia LOVED them!! They were crazy, and she loved watching them fly and dart across the rocks.

The Sun Bear was hiding, but we were able to see the Polar Bears. I think Olivia just thought they were white rocks though because they were sleeping. 

When we were watching the Zebra's Olivia dropped her favorite binky into a pond so we had to use the back up - a gumdrop binky. I melted when I saw Olivia sucking her thumb through the hole in the bottom, she is TOO cute sometimes!!

And then she was out. But she woke up just in time to see the Monkeys!

This Monkey was SO funny! She just sat at the window like that staring at the kids. Then she picked up a piece of cardboard, laid it down on the side of her, and then sat on it.

And then she had a nice little conversation with Olivia.

Livvy was getting pretty cranky by the time I tried to take this picture with her, but we still got a good one :) I think she mostly just wondered why I was making her act like a Monkey.

It was a REALLY fun trip! I was worried that Olivia would be too little, but she loved just being outside and around people, and she also had fun with the animals she DID notice. Next year is going to be a blast!

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