Friday, May 13, 2011

1 Month

Olivia, it's hard to believe that you've been here an entire month, but at the same time I feel like you've been here forever. I can't even remember being pregnant or not having you in my life and it just keeps getting better! It's so crazy how fast you're growing and even though it makes me sad sometimes, it's still so fun and exciting to see what new thing you're doing for the day. (Yes, I said day)

You're so sweet when you sleep and as tired as Mommy might be sometimes, I can't help but just stare at you. You're so beautiful. It can be funny sometimes too; like last week when you started tootin, and then smiled and laughed. It might have just been gas smiles but it was pretty funny! My favorite is when you're just so tired that no other sleeping place will do but Mama's shoulder. As frustrating as it can be sometimes when I have things to do, nothing is more important or fun than cuddling with my Baby.

You're SO alert and curious. You look at and listen to everything! You love Grandpa's voice, the lullaby pillow Daddy got you, music in the car, and your rattle. You love watching Mama's face (of course), lights, and the TV. You love it when we walk around with you so you can look at all the different things.

And you're LOVING playtime! Every morning you love to lay on the floor and play with Mommy. You try to talk to me and wiggle around, you play with your rattle, and you follow objects that I move in front of you. You're so good at tummy time too! You can lift up your head like it's nothing and sometimes you'll lift up an entire half of your body like you're already about to roll over.

And then there are the faces. I LOVE all the looks you give out. I know you don't know expressions yet, but I still can't help but think you're totally annoyed with me whenever you throw this one out. I just love it so much! And I love YOU so much!!

Love, Mommy

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  1. What a sweet precious angel!! Congrats and enjoy every moment!

    You have also won the giveaway on my blog! I will email you shortly! Thanks so much!